Dog That Loves Kayaking!

Before we start.  Is this not the cutest thing ever:

Do you have a pet that loves to go to the ocean?  How about canoe or kayak riding?  Jet skiing or paddleboarding?  Please send us pictures and would love to feature you and your furry friends :)

Would you like to read up about how to train your pet so he or she will accompany you on such trips?  The first step is checking out a kayak.  This site lists the best kayaks in 2017 that you can get your hands on.  When it comes to having your pet ride with you, make sure you get a super sturdy kayak.  Sevylor brand is a great recommendation (you can always check out the Sevylor inflatable kayak review) or keep searching.

Go ahead and hit re-play on that video and contact us with pictures of your furry little ones.