Kayaking Tips & Recommendations To Take Your Dog Kayaking Safely!

Ever think of taking your dog kayaking? There's a few things to consider before you do that, however:

You should start your dog off young to get them used to the water. It's true with car rides and that also applies to water activities. Always make sure your dog has a life jacket, preferably one with a handle on the back to pick them up out of the water with. Make sure you know what kind of water you're dealing with first, like rivers which might swell and develop a strong current out of nowhere. Do a practice run first and learn about the water conditions on any given day.

Training your dog also helps quite a bit so they know to obey you when you need them to, especially in what could potentially be a dangerous situation. A slow running river should be perfectly fine, but ultimately it should be a lake because of its calm nature.

You can lay down your kayak in the yard and let the dog inspect it first, and then learn how to jump in and out easily. That way, they will feel nice and secure on the boat when you take them out. If they like it, get some padding for the cockpit or deck so they won't slip.

Lastly, make sure they go to the bathroom before the trip and take water and snacks for them, as well as yourself.

The best part: here are some dogs who love to be out on a kayak:

1. Here's a doggy with his life jacket on, content to be with his owner. A good kayak for these heavier dogs is a Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS, which is a hard kayak for a nice, sturdy ride:



2. This is the Hobie Adventure Island kayak, which can be bought as a tandem, along with trampolines to store extra gear or take your dog along for the ride! They can have more space to themselves and lay down and sprawl out if they want! No more being confined to a small or crowded cockpit.


3. This dog looks very relaxed on an Ocean Kayak, and you can even take your furry friend out on an Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler and let them be amused with the fish you catch!


4. Vibe kayaks make amazing, roomy kayaks that are perfect to take one or even two dogs, especially the tandem versions. Again, remember the non-slip mats so they're nice and secure:


5. An additional example of great tandem kayaks with plenty of room for your pooch is Old Town Kayaks, which you can plainly see here.


They're all very comfortable, even with their pet in the middle. As long as they're comfortable, you should do everything you can with your dog, even taking them out on the water. Just make sure they're safe, that's the first priority. Have fun!